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Health Insurance

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Life can be pretty unpredictable

Life can be pretty unpredictable

Life Happens - Let's Make Sure You Happen to Be Prepared.

At Pinoy General, we've written hundreds of health insurance policies over the years.   As the times evolve and economies (and society in general) become more uncertain, insuring your own health and wellness becomes more essential. A health insurance policy not only insures your own health and wellness, but the health and wellness of the ones you love.

Don't Lose Out In Case Emergencies Happen

Don't Lose Out In Case Emergencies Happen

3 Reasons Why You Should Get Health Insurance
Depending on your insurance plan, insurance will pay for your bill if you go into an in-network provider plan (such as an HMO, or Health Maintenance Organization)
Even with an insurance plan which you get to choose your own provider (e.g. a PPO) insurance will usually pay for preventative services and, in some services, you may end up simply paying the deductible, saving you a huge portion of the cost if you were to pay out of pocket.
Did you know that medical issues play a role in about two-thirds of nonbusiness bankruptcies?
Because insurance plans usually have limits on your medical bills, including a deductible, a copay, and an out-of-pocket maximum, you are less likely to acquire bankruptcy due to your medical expenses.

Did we mention that insurance can pay for your preventative services too?

Even when you are healthy and in good shape, having insurance provides peace of mind when you are merely checking your health periodically. 

After all, it is better to get preventative care for nearly free and adjust early on without getting charged a dime!